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The College of William & Mary Cycling team needed their web site revamped. Their original site was made with a site builder provided by the College to its clubs, but sponsors would turn the them down because of how it looked.

They brought me on to redesign their site. I designed and hand-coded everything, including their new logo. I built a new Content Management System (CMS) on the backend, which logged in members of the team can use to make news posts, add sponsor information, and more, all using a new hand-coded, formatting-aware content editor. Some other features I included are an AJAX-powered dynamic file management system, Facebook Open Graph implementation for news posts and pages, and a jQuery-powered photo album system.

COAP is a project aimed at providing support, outreach, and education centered on the non-heterosexual community, with hopes of becoming a non-profit organization. Its primary purpose is to reach out to people who are struggling with the process of coming out, and to build a community around this purpose.

I designed and hand-coded everything except for the logo. This includes the layout and theme, as well as all systems pertaining to user registration, user profiles, the forum, notifications, instant messaging, security, database architecture, and content management.

When I was accepted to the Spring 2012 voyage of Semester at Sea, I knew that I would be keeping a blog while I traveled. I briefly considered something like Blogger or WordPress, or even my old Xanga, but subconsciously, I knew I wanted something more personable.

Building my own blog allowed me to easily incorporate an interactive map, a feature which I designed myself, and which drew a lot of the blog's attention. Each post contains a set of coordinates that allow it to be represented on the map, whether I was in Ghana, Maurutius, or the middle of the Pacific Ocean. This allowed my posts to be grouped by their location, both structurally and graphically.

This project was very rushed -- I started building it in January 2nd, 2012, and was on the ship by the 19th -- and I've left it in its state from when I last updated it. I learned several things from this project. For one, the navigation is powered by hash changes, which, while faster, prevented search engines from indexing my blog. Second, while I ended up abandoning trying to host the photos on my own blog (I deferred to Facebook for this), I redeemed myself when creating the photo album system for W&M Cycling's site.

Bullet's web site needed some distinct features. I brushed up on my PHP and MySQL knowledge to build my first content management system for their news section. I also coded their subscriber system and submission form, which stores submissions in a way that keeps the author's information private -- even from editors and admins -- thus adhering to Bullet's mission statement. The site is designed to mimic the theme of the print issues, and the issues themselves are published to the site's database by the editors, and displayed on the site's archive pages via Issuu.

Central Virginia
PHP, ASP.NET C# (Web Forms and MVC), Ruby on Rails, PostgreSQL, MySQL, HTML5, CSS3, SCSS, JavaScript, jQuery, AJAX
Custom content management, Facebook & Twitter integration, security, modern design, interactivity, responsive layout
William & Mary
William & Mary
Architectural Design (concentration in physics)
WCWM 90.9 Radio volunteer, Oklahoma! (Fall 2010 mainstage musical)
Study Abroad
Semester at Sea Spring 2012
Front-end Web Developer
Shipboard IT Assistant
Semester at Sea
Resident Assistant
William & Mary
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